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Screenshot 1. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Visual Browsing.

Screenshot 2. GiPo@DB_Explorer: SQL Query Execution.

Screenshot 3. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Using Plug-Ins.

Screenshot 4. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Image Editor.

Screenshot 5. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Binary Editor.

Screenshot 6. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Options.

Screenshot 7. GiPo@DB_Explorer: DB Connection Dialog.

Screenshot 8. GiPo@DB_Explorer: Layout Configuration Dialog.

Screenshot 9. GiPo@DB_Console: Visual Browsing.


GiPo@DB_Utilities 5 FREE

Required Software

1) The GiPo@DB_Utilities software requires the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) 2.5 or higher:

Download the latest MDAC

2) We recommend you to download and install the latest Oracle OLE DB Provicer for using the Oracle DBMS:

Download the latest Oracle OLE DB Provider

3) If you want to use Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, FoxPro, dBase or Paradox DBMS please download and install the Microsoft Jet Database Engine:

Download the latest Microsoft Jet Database Engine